RRS mesotherapy cocktails were developed and patented by Dr. Philippe Deprez, who sought effective and innovative solutions and therapeutic options to treat his patients’ most difficult dermatological cases. It is a class III medical device.

RRS cocktails guarantee:

  • a unique and synergistic combination of active ingredients
  • adaptation to any indication on the face and body
  • ease of use
  • efficiency – one ampoule – one treatment
  • stable and lasting results
  • compatibility with other products

On offer:

  • RRS HA Eyes 1,5ml
    Activity: moisturizing, improving microcirculation, brightening skin, improving eye contours, antioxidant activity
  • RRS HA Tensor Lift 5ml
    Activity: anti-aiging, soft skin lifting, collagen and elastin reconstruction, regeneration and improvement of skin tension
  • RRS Hyalift 75 5ml
    Activity: moisturizing, filling of fine wrinkles, anti-aiging, improvement of skin quality
  • RRS HA Whitening 3ml
    Activity: sun-damaged skin, Melasma and Chloasma, skin whitening effect
  • RRS XL Hair
    Activity: mesococktail inhibiting baldness

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