PRX T33 – medical biorevitalization without needles

This is a treatment designed to strongly stimulate the facial skin without the use of needles. It combines two basic ingredients: TCA or trichloroacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The formula was developed by dermatology specialist Dr Rossana Castellana. It is an innovative preparation covered by the world patent.

Although the ingredient is an acid, it is not a typical medical peeling.

How does it work?

TCA releases hydrogen ions, whose aggressive action is reduced by oxidized water (H2O2). The molecules combine to form a new chemical compound, water (H2O). It comes to moisturizing the skin “from the inside” and a strong stimulation of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of, among others, collagen.

For whom is the PRX-T33 treatment?

  • Children between 5-12 years – scars after chickenpox, impetigo
  • Persons between 12-25 years of age – facial cleansing by smoothing the skin and facilitating reduction of blackheads
  • Persons between 25-35 years – stretch marks, melasma
  • Persons between 35-45 years of age – biorevitalization of body skin, face, sagging skin of breasts, prevention of skin aging
  • People + 45 years – revitalization and improvement of skin firmness of the whole body, bust area and cleavage


  • mixed and oily skin (anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrhoea, anti-bacterial effect)
  • flaccid skin of the face and body
  • cleavage skin firming
  • atrophic scars
  • stretch marks
  • supportively in the treatment of measma and skin hyperpigmentation

Effects of treatment:

  • the direct effect is a very visible moisturizing and tightening of the skin,
  • brightened and cleansed complexion,
  • narrowed pores,
  • improved appearance of flabby skin by rebuilding deep skin layers,
  • reduction in discoloration,
  • reduction in the visibility of stretch marks and scars (best results are obtained on still fresh red lesions).

Is the treatment safe?

PRX T33 is a CE Class I medical device, on the market since 2007.

It is practically painless, without long convalescence – rather without peeling of the skin after the treatment (in contrast to other peelings), it is not photosensitizing – the treatment can be performed in summer.

The patient after the treatment performed in the aesthetic medicine office should follow the individually specified care recommendations at home.


  • allergy to any of the preparation ingredients,
  • Too tanned skin or dark skin phototype,
  • susceptibility to scarring,
  • active herpes,
  • numerous moles on the skin,
  • interrupted epidermal continuity,
  • active bacterial, fungal or viral lesions.

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