Profhilo – the molecule of youth

PROFHILO is a world revolutionary formula – a hybrid complex based on hyaluronic acid. Prophilo acts in the skin as microscopic springs, restoring the skin’s lost elasticity, tone, contour and profile of the face.

The biostimulatory action promotes the production of type I,II,III,IV,VII collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Product with unique characteristics:

  • Highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (64 mg/2ml)
  • Easy to administer
  • Without BDDE and other chemical agents
  • Low inflammatory response
  • Diffuses freely and extensively in the subcutaneous tissue and dermis
  • Thermally stabilized natural hyaluronic acid


  • In the physiological process of tissue aging, in tissue sagging
  • In the process of skin tissue repair in case of acne and scars
  • In case of loss or disorders of adipose tissue

Advantages of the treatment:

  • Reduction of treatments to about 2-3 per year
  • Reduction of injection points to 5 per side
  • Virtually no period of convalescence

What effects can be expected from Profhilo?

  • ace / neck lifting and skin rejuvenation
  • correction of facial oval
  • reduction of drooping cheeks
  • slenderization of the face
  • bioremodeling
  • improvement of skin density and tension
  • wrinkle reduction

Is the treatment safe?

After the treatment swelling and redness may occur, but they usually disappear within a few hours.

When are the effects visible?

The improvement of appearance is often visible immediately after the treatment but the most important thing is that it increases in time thanks to the biostimulation and bioremodeling processes taking place.

The visible effects usually last about 1-1.5 years. To prolong and enhance the effect, 1-2 booster treatments can be performed annually.


  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • active skin infections in the area of the planned treatment
  • active herpes
  • active autoimmune diseases and cancer
  • Unbalanced diabetes,
  • tendency to scarring,
  • hemophilia,
  • treatment with antibiotics

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