Aptos – the leader in rejuvenation

Aptos threads are made of completely absorbable material (bioabsorbable) with not only lifting but also biorevitalizing properties. They are composed of, among others, polycaprolactone and polylactic acid, which additionally stimulates the skin, activating its natural revitalisation, and slows down the ageing process.

Due to their shape and structure, they ideally anchor in soft tissues, where they form a supporting skeleton (i.e. they armour soft tissues).

In Poland, Aptos methods have been awarded the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology three times

Mechanism of action of APTOS threads:

The inserted threads group the tissues and guide them to the correct position. Around the threads a fibrous tissue is formed, which creates a subcutaneous frame, strengthening the tissues and keeping them in the right position. The material from which the threads are made stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Advantages of APTOS threads:

  • restores its natural appearance without causing unnecessary tissue volumization,
  • provide excellent lifting and rejuvenation of facial tissues due to collagen and elastin stimulation
  • improve skin tone and firmness
  • safe and minimally invasive – threads are introduced through only 1 or 2 puncture points
  • used materials are fully absorbable and safe for the body – used in surgery for many years,
  • APTOS products are certified and the technology is protected by international patents,
  • treatments can only be performed by certified APTOS doctors.

Treatment Description:

Aptos treatments are performed under local anesthesia and involve the subcutaneous insertion, through single puncture points, of the appropriate APTOS thread model to create a strongly supportive framework. The healing period after the treatment takes about two weeks, but you can return to your active life after just a few days. A full face lift takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Postoperative Recommendations:

Swelling and bruising of the treated areas may occur after the treatment. Pain may also occur. It is then recommended to use painkillers( paracetamol, ibuprom).

Within 24 hours after the treatment it is recommended to apply cold compresses and wipe the injection points with a spirit-based preparation. For a few days you should refrain from drinking hot drinks and for two weeks from alcohol. You should also limit the activity of facial expressions, physical exercise, do not use massages and treatments that warm up intensively. The doctor appoints follow-up visits.

How long does the postoperative effect last?

Absorption of the threads lasts about 1.5 to 2 years, however, the effect of lifting and biorevitalization of the skin remains much longer. The effect of absorbable threads lasts 2-3 years. Aptos lifting threads allow you to achieve an excellent aesthetic result without the need to undergo traditional surgery and a long period of convalescence.


  • autoimmune diseases,
  • severe physical illness,
  • collagenosis,
  • ischemic heart disease,
  • II and III degree hypertension,
  • hemophilia, psychiatric disorders,
  • inflammatory conditions and tumors in the area of the planned surgery, taking anticoagulants,
  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases,
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • previously inserted insoluble implants in the treatment area.

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  • Informacje dodatkowe:
  • In Poland, Aptos methods have been awarded the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology three times