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Botox – removal of wrinkles

What does the treatment consist in? The treatment consists in injecting botulinum toxin in the right concentration and dose to

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Hyaluronic acid – fillers

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin – it is an essential component of the skin that maintains its proper

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Lips modeling and enlargement

Sensual, tempting, luscious lips are one of the main attributes of femininity. Thanks to small amounts of hyaluronic acid we

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Platelet rich plasma – Regeneris

YOUTH IS IN MY BLOOD What is it? Platelet rich plasma is commonly referred to as a “vampire lift”. The

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Aptos – the leader in rejuvenation

Aptos threads are made of completely absorbable material (bioabsorbable) with not only lifting but also biorevitalizing properties. They are composed

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LOSE WEIGHT WHERE YOU WANT Aqualyx is a solution in which detergents (like sodium deoxycholate) are the main substances acting

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Botox – migraine treatment

Pharmacological treatments for migraines may not be 100% effective and, worse, may carry side effects. If your headaches last for

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Botox – treatment of bruxism

Botulinum toxin in the case of bruxism can be a stand-alone treatment or support other therapies, such as dental (use

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Botox – treatment of hyperhidrosis

An effective method for treating hyperhidrosis of the forehead, armpits, hands and feet is superficial administration of botulinum toxin using

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Ellanse – Instant filler and long-lasting restoration

Ellanse is one of the most revolutionary fillers on the aesthetic market. Its superiority over conventional fillers lies in the

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Linerase – collagen therapy

What is it? Linerase is 100% Type I collagen in the form of a micronized powder that, when mixed with

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The treatment consists in precise punctures of the skin with the use of a thin needle and introduction into the

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Platelet rich plasma – a natural way to treat hair loss

The reason for excessive hair loss are mainly hormonal disorders (pregnancy, hormonal contraception,) Not everyone can afford expensive hair transplantation

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It is a colorless and apirogenic gel for intradermal injection based on polynucleotides. Depending on the type of product, we

Profhilo – the molecule of youth

PROFHILO is a world revolutionary formula – a hybrid complex based on hyaluronic acid. Prophilo acts in the skin as

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PRX T33 – medical biorevitalization without needles

This is a treatment designed to strongly stimulate the facial skin without the use of needles. It combines two basic

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Radiesse – calcium hydroxyapatite

Radiesse, in addition to immediate filling effect (volumetric effect), stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin. It also improves

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Restylane Skinbooster – long-lasting revitalization and hydration

Skinbooster is more than a needle mesotherapy product. Mesotherapy products are administered to the more superficial layers of the skin,

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RRS mesotherapy cocktails were developed and patented by Dr. Philippe Deprez, who sought effective and innovative solutions and therapeutic options

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Sunekos 200 is a new extracellular matrix regeneration system used for skin biogenesis. What is it? Sunekos is a unique,

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