A scar is a skin lesion that is most often a consequence of damage to the dermis and replacement of the defect with fibrous connective tissue. It is characterized by the fact that there is no proper function that the tissue has in a given place, not to mention an aesthetic defect. The formation and shaping of the final form and shape of the scar usually takes a long time, from a few to several months. Most often we deal with scars after smallpox, acne or surgery

What kind of treatment?

On the aesthetic market there are a number of methods for removing scars such as micro-puncturing, medical peels, collagen therapy, platelet rich plasma, fractional laser therapy. Depending on the extent and visibility of the scars, doctors will select an appropriate method of their reduction/removal.

What does the treatment look like?

Although the removal of scars may be carried out using different methods and equipment, it is performed in the same way. The unsightly scar is eliminated from the skin surface and at the same time the skin is stimulated to regenerate itself.

Is scar removal safe?

Scars reaching deep into the dermis require treatment with an appropriate range and power of the laser beam or preparation used. They should be performed by qualified personnel to avoid complications such as post-inflammatory discoloration. It is also important to follow the post-treatment recommendations ordered by the doctor. These include proper skin care, avoiding the sun, and avoiding all activities and places that could cause contamination of the treated area.

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