Patient's Problems

Different problems, different solutions


Bruxism is the pathological grinding of teeth, occurring mostly at night, often unconsciously, during sleep.

Cellulite/ fatty tissue/ double chin

Cellulite is a chronic inflammatory process involving the subcutaneous fatty tissue, peripheral lymphatic and blood systems. It appears during the

Discoloration, melasma

In fact, it is not wrinkles but hyperpigmentation that have the greatest impact on the assessment of appearance. This is

Drooping corners of the mouth

It is a common aesthetic defect that causes a sad facial expression. The reason may be overactivity of the muscle

Dry Skin

visible deficit of epidermal hydration low sebaceous gland activity often visible cornification and exfoliation of corneocytes Relatively visible first signs

Eye area

The eyes and their frame are one of the most important elements of a woman’s beauty. The skin around the

Hair loss, alopecia

The reason for excessive hair loss are mainly hormonal disorders (pregnancy, hormonal contraception,) Not everyone can afford expensive hair transplantation

Hand rejuvenation

Hand skin is more susceptible to environmental factors (sun, detergents) than facial skin, and yet we often forget about it.


Most often, hyperhidrosis has a genetic basis and we often find that similar problems occur in other family members. Home


Migraine is a neurological disorder that occurs mainly in women. A genetic basis is most often cited as the cause,

Neck and Cleavage Rejuvenation

The skin on the neck and décolletage is different from that on the face. A thin layer of adipose tissue

Non-surgical nose correction

Surgical treatment entails a greater trauma to the tissues, a longer recovery period and definitely higher costs of the treatment.

Normal skin

characteristic of children is rarely diagnosed in adults the skin is well moisturized and well lubricated the skin is smooth

Oily skin

visible over-reactivity of the sebaceous glands visible enlarged orifices of the sebaceous glands (pores) thick, shiny skin skin with an

Sagging of the tip of the nose

It is an aesthetic defect, which may be caused, among others, by overactivity of the septum-lowering muscle of the nose.


A scar is a skin lesion that is most often a consequence of damage to the dermis and replacement of


Wrinkles can be divided into dynamic wrinkles (i.e. wrinkles that form only during muscle contraction, e.g. when smiling) and static