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dr Gabriela Białokur

I graduated from the Faculty Medicine & Dentistry programme, Collegium Medicum in Krakow. I have completed the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine at GWSH for doctors. Because of my specialization, I am a treatment specialist who focuses her attention on the region of head, face, neck and cleavage.

Aesthetic medicine is my passion, which I constantly develop by participating in trainings and conferences of recognized national and international experts.

I am an advocate of natural effects of treatments performed by me.

Effects of treatments presented on the site are original.

dr. Gabriela Białkur Medycyna Estetyczna

Ewelina Zych-Cieśla

Jestem absolwentka Krakowskiej Wyższej Szkoły Promocji Zdrowia - kierunek kosmetologia. Obecnie poszerzam swoją wiedzę na studiach magisterskich w zakresie kosmetologii ogólnej. Ukończyłam szkolenie makijażu permanentnego brwi, oczu oraz ust. W swojej pracy opieram się na indywidualnym podejściu do każdego klienta. Moim priorytetem jest praca dokładna, a także zachowanie wszystkich odpowiednich zasad higieny.

How do I work?

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What makes us different?

  • All the products I offer you are original, safe, certified and produced by European or American laboratories.
  • I have been trained for each treatment that I will offer you, and that is confirmed by a certificates.
  • Before the treatment we always offer you anesthesia to make the treatment as painless as possible.
  • The patient is always shown the expiration date and the amount of the administered product.
  • I attach great importance to the sterility of the treatments performed.
  • If possible, the preparations are administered with a cannula instead of a needle, which significantly increases the comfort of the treatment.
  • Patients always have the possibility of another, free of charge control visit after the treatment.

We do everything so that you can feel safe and comfortable in our office.

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dr. Gabriela Białkur Medycyna Estetyczna
dr. Gabriela Białkur Medycyna Estetyczna
dr. Gabriela Białkur Medycyna Estetyczna
dr. Gabriela Białkur Medycyna Estetyczna
dr. Gabriela Białkur Medycyna Estetyczna